8 Things I Can’t Live Without | Lifestyle

We all have certain items that we know we can’t live without. However it’s not always about the items, sometimes it’s things that money can’t buy, objects that were passed down to you or even the circle of people around you!

Here are my 8 answers to what i can’t live without but i would also love to hear yours so please feel free to comment below!

  1.  Good Music – Music is something that I have always appreciated as it is a way for me to relax, get myself into a good mood or even to clear my thoughts if I’m having a bad day! For me, life would be very boring without music!
  2. My Friends – Whether you only have one best friend or just a group of friends, life without them would extremely dull! I mean who would be able to deal with my craziness!!
  3. My Family – It may seem quite cliche to include family in this but there’s no denying that without family, you wouldn’t be the person you are today. I always appreciate family as most of my family live in turkey, whereas I was born in the UK. My parents chose to live and work here, so I don’t get to see my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents as often as I would like. In a way I’m happy to be here in the UK even if it means that I’m quite far away from my family which is why friends come in as friends are the brothers and sisters you choose right!
  4. Pizza! Do I really need to explain this?
  5. Books – I am a definite bookworm. My nose has always been stuck in books for as long as I can remember and I even remember my mum complaining to my primary school teacher about me reading too many books! I have a love for English literature which naturally makes me love books and I love how books can just expand your imagination and make you learn so without books, I wouldn’t have the knowledge and creativeness I have now.
  6. Mascara – Seeing as I am a makeup addict it wouldn’t be right not to include a makeup item which for me is mascara. Mascara was my first makeup item and I loved how it had the ability to make my eyes stand out and make me look a bit more presentable even when I had no other products on my face!
  7. My Favourite Bag– I love a good bag and I know that every girl has their one favourite bag no matter how many bags they own. Having a nice bag can really compliment your outfit perfectly and you obviously need them to store your essentials such as your key and your purse so my bag is always with me wherever I go!
  8. Laughter – Fun fact: I am always smiling and laughing. Even if you force a laugh, that always leads to a genuine laugh which leads to endorphins to make you happy! I believe that laughter is key in everyday life and makes you a happier person so to all the people that make me laugh on a daily basis, thank you!

So these are my top 8 things I can’t live without? What are yours?


Bervin x

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