Why Twitter Is Better Than Instagram |Social Media

Instagram has been a real pain in the  backside really. Engagement has been decreasing day after day and it’s becoming so hard to figure out if the person who has just followed you will unfollow a few hours later. On the other hand, there’s Twitter. The social media platform that hardly disappoints.

So here are the few reasons to why i prefer Twitter over Instagram:

  • It’s easier to connect with other people. I don’t know if it’s just me, but i find it so hard to connect with other bloggers via Instagram! I know that there’s an option of commenting on someones picture and direct messaging them, however a lot of people don’t respond on Instagram which puts me off completely.
  • You get an insight into that persons life rather than a “perfect” theme. It’s so easy to fall into the social media trap of believing someone is living a perfect life just because they have a perfect theme.However, on Twitter, it’s always nice to see a fellow blogger go on a rant about something they didn’t like or a subject they’re passionate about and naturally makes me feel like i know them better.
  • It’s easy to find similar people to you. Hashtags play a big part in this. I have met so many new bloggers because of hashtags like #bbloggers and have come across amazing blog posts. However on Instagram, even when you do use hashtags, they aren’t as helpful as they should be. Sometimes you come across so many irrelevant pictures that have the hashtag #makeup when in fact the picture is of an apple. I get that beauty and makeup posts get a lot of likes, but seriously?

You can follow me on Instagram here

You can find me on Twitter here

So these are my 3 simple reasons to why i prefer Twitter! Please let me know if you would like for me to do more ” why i prefer..” posts!


Bervin x




13 thoughts on “Why Twitter Is Better Than Instagram |Social Media

  1. I agree, I really like Twitter, bloggers are so active on there and it’s easy to get into discussions/ chats. I hate when people use irrelevant hashtags too so you can’t find what you’re actually looking for. I know someone who doesn’t blog and posts normal pics and just uses blogger hashtags to get more likes and it kind of annoys me, like no, you can’t just call yourself a blogger, it takes hard work!

    Sorry feel like I’ve got into a rant there! But basically, I agree with you 🙂 x


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    1. Haha no don’t say sorry cause everything you’ve said is so true! It’s annoying when people thing that being a “blogger” is easy cause it really isn’t! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment! xx


  2. Instagram is good for getting likes on random photos, but striking up a conversation is next to impossible. Twitter is also a much more friendly platform when it comes to discussing real time events. Third, Twitter allows users much more freedom of speech than Instagram does.

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