My Christmas Wishlist! | Blogmas #4

If you still don’t know what you want for Christmas, you’re probably lying to yourself because deep down we all want something, right!

I always love reading these type of posts, eve though it does more harm than good as i end up wanting what the other person wants! If you’re someone who is exactly like this, I’m sorry from advance!

So here we go! Let me know what you think of my wishlist!

TIMEX Miami Silver with Swarovski Crystals ~ £79.99

I’m normally a more ‘gold’ person, meaning that i wear gold jewelry more than silver. However recently, i have had my eye on so many nice silver items that I’ve thought, “okay i need a change”! Never would i mix metals as that’s a cardinal sin for me! I always have to have my jewelry matching with with whatever i’m wearing whether its a gold plated button on my coat or a silver detail on my bag. Is anyone else like this, or am i crazy! This watch is slightly on the pricier side however i have herd many great things from Timex so i really really want to own it!

Real Tecniques Core Collection ~£21.99

Can you believe that as a blogger, i don’t have the Core Collection from Real Techniques! I can hear all of you gasping right now! So without much explanation, i know it’s time for me to have this!

Vans Old Skool Black ~ £51.99

I LOVE Vans as a brand, and i have the checkerboard vans which have gotten so much use! I have been seeing so many people wearing these Old School Vans and I’ve fallen in love with them? I also have no doubt that they’ll be the most comfortable shoes ever!


Ohh Deer White Marble Journal by Urban Outfitters 

I’m going to make a confession here. I love buying notebooks but i never use them because i don’t want to ruin them! Who’s with me on this?! However, guys, just how gorgeous is this Marble Journal from Urban Outfitters!

These items are just off the top of my head however i am aware that the total adds up to alot of money! I am not expecting everything which is why it is a ‘wishlist’ and i hope you have all enjoyed this post!

What is on your wishlist for Christmas?


Bervin x


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