17 Things I Have Learnt In 17 Years | Lifestyle

To everyone who is reading this on 23/04/17, it was my birthday yesterday! I am now 17 and I thought I would share everything I have learnt whilst I have lived on planet earth!


Feel free to comment down bits of advice that you have learnt during your time on Planet Earth or which number you agree with the most!

  1.  Not everything that shines is gold. 
  2.  Eating that chocolate bar isn’t a big deal. 
  3. To take note of the people that don’t applause your success.
  4.  That loyalty is not special and should come naturally into every relationship.
  5.  Little things that seem important to you in the moment will not matter in the future. 
  6.  To not stress if you know you’re going to be late anyways. Why the double stress, right?
  7. There is nothing wrong with being different. So what if you don’t like what everyone else likes?
  8. Buy that handbag you fell in love with at first sight because maybe you won’t get the chance to see it again!
  9. Cleansing & looking after your skin is the best thing you can do to your face. You will thank yourself years later.
  10. Don’t pop your spots during your teenage years, it will lead to scarring! 
  11. Spending time reading will do your mind wonders.
  12. Choose your friends wisely. Having 1 close friend is better than having 15 who you aren’t close with.
  13. Quality over Quantity. Always.
  14. Never compare yourself to someone else. Everyone is fighting their own battles.
  15. Don’t be afraid of having a political interest/voicing your opinion.
  16. Don’t steer away from compliments. It could make someone’s day.
  17. As long as you’re happy with yourself, no one else’s opinion matters.

I look forward to reading this back in a few years time and who knows, I might do an updated version haha!


Bervin xx

12 thoughts on “17 Things I Have Learnt In 17 Years | Lifestyle

  1. Awww my sweet sweet girl, happy belated birthday!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Gosh you make me feel so old lol I'm 10 years older than you! I love #5, thats something I always like to keep in the back of my mind no matter how old I am!

    xo, JJ

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  2. Happy belated birthday! I love this list, I did something similar on my blog as I recently turned 19! I really ike #13 and completely agree with #15 its so important to have ypur own voice, not only to do with politics but also issues within society.

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday

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  3. Quite late to this, but have only just started up blogging properly again! Loved this post, agreed with lots of what you said. I’m turning 17 really soon and I was planning to do just this post! It’s funny how much wisdom we acquire in just 17 years 😉 I hope you wouldn’t mind if I did a similar post? Hope you’re doing well Bervin! X

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