Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – Yay Or Nay? | Beauty

Everyone in the blogging world MUST have heard of this foundation right! If not, WHERE have you been!?

I’m not the one to always follow trends or go and buy a product straight away just because of all the attention it’s receiving so when I finally feel like buying it, is normally when everyone is over it! Which is kinda good and bad haha!

Of course I bought the lightest shade…

Personally, I loved the colour of this foundation because it doesn’t have that orange undertone to it/ doesn’t oxidise and make you look like you’ve applied bronzer all over your face! It’s hard for us pale girls to find a foundation that is your exact tone so I don’t think I’ll be letting this go!

I also found that in terms of application, it was incredibly easy to buff and blend into your face which I undoubtedly find appealing for when I’m in a rush. I’m also amazed at how there is no patchiness on my face even though I wear this nearly every day for 7 hours or more! Taking into consideration that I wear the foundation for more than 7 hours, it is so lightweight that sometimes I forget that I even have makeup on and feel like I can touch my face how I like! For the people who don’t like makeup that has a certain scent to it, this will be great for you as it just smells like makeup and nothing else haha!

I cannot recommend this foundation enough and maybe it hasn’t worked out for some people but it is a big YAY from me šŸ™‚

You can purchase the foundation from hereĀ 


Bervin x

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